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Document Signing Services
Product Name Description Code
Document Signing - 1 SetA notary on signing service for a single set of documents. 284
Document Signing - 2 SetsA notary on signing service for two sets of documents. 285
PreClosing & Signing DocumentsThe main aspects of the loan and closing are reviewed with the borrower prior to the document signing. 287
Printing Docs, QC & SigningDocuments are printed, and reviewed before being shipped for execution. 288
Single DocumentA notary on signing service for a single document. 286
Telephone ClosingClosing documents are reviewed over the telephone by a qualified closer as the borrower signs the documents. 289
Upfront DisclosuresDisclosure reports required to be sent to the borrower by the lender. Reports could include Truth-in-Lending and Good Faith Estimate reports. Commonly referred to as Reg Z reports. 290
Products & Services Provided

•Automated Valuations
•Business Credit
•Consumer Credit
•Document Signing
•Flood Services
•Mortgage Insurance
•Tax Service
•Verification Services
•Construction Disbursement Service - (through Closing)


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